What Are the Benefits of Boric Acid Uses

Boric Acid contains sodium borate salt used as a best pesticide. Boric Acid combines boron with other elements. Its toxicity is depends on the amount of boron. It is used to control various types of pests. It is a weak Lewis acid of boron. Boric acid is form with mixing of borox, oxygen and hydrogen. Boric acid is a colorless crystal that used in powder form. This a type of natural chemical less toxic also used as a housecleaning agent. But it can irritate skin and eyes contacting with boric acid. So be careful using this. Boric acid is used in many ways; here we will talk in brief about the various benefits of Boric acid uses.

Boric Acid

Medicinal Benefits
It is best used as an antiseptic to heal the wounds and injuries. When diluted in water, it is used to repair the wounds and heal the skin. It works as a best antiseptic agent which acts faster. It is also used to treat bacterial vaginosis, acne treatment, and prevention of athlete’s foot by sprinkling powder in socks. It is used to treat ear infection like otitis externa. Boric acid with water and little bit of Epsom’s salt is the best treatment to cure tyes and other eye infections.

Used as a Best Pesticide
For the household ants and bugs this acid is a boon. It can kill ants and bugs when boric acid is mixed in food and placed in the corner. It is a best pesticide to kill household bugs, cockroaches and other insects. The most common practice to kill the roaches is mix the boric acid with bacon grease, because roaches attracts faster attracts to this.

It is best used in to treat and prevent wood attacked through fungal and insect attack. Boric acid is injected in the wood and thus it preserves the wood dusting from insects. Naturally it is also used to prevent boron deficiency in plants.

So these are the usages of Boric acid used as a best antiseptic, antifungal, antiseptic agent for household. It is a most common substance used to neutralize active hydrofluoric acid treatment.