WhatsApp and SMS New Year Sayings

In this list we have a few funny sayings New Year 2016 listed which may have enjoyed nowadays, great popularity and possess been submitted by other visitors throughout the contact form with this page. If you know another new year wishes 2016 for New Merry 2016, write us an e-mail.

My three wisdoms with the new year: 1. Say what’s true! 2. Drink precisely what is clear! 3. F#ck, what’s there! I drink to get affordable friends, lost love, to new goals, from what once was. That everything ends, also to a new year. Happy New Year!


A happy new year and I wish you that it’s going to be better yet than the old one was. Sun, moon and stars, all perfectly located at the distant future, nevertheless the good that is certainly very close – a pleasant and happy new year! It’ll provde the new year without joke, health, prosperity and a pleasant heart!

Cheer new year- and consider what you could not see using your heart, you are going to remain while using eyes hidden from the new year. Cheer new year- we call from now.

The new year brings happiness to the house! What we did wrong from the old, we start by getting anew.It bangs and crashes to the night – again brachium one full year. The Kate next the next morning, however these are next the smallest concerns.

Since I can not sing well, I post you this message. Happy New Year. For New Year’s all the best and peace, please sauna one to not so. I know this SMS comes annually anew … but I mean it seriously again: Happy New Year!

SMS and WhatsApp New Year Sayings 2016

The end is approaching and what could be natural than ever to consider how to best friends and a contented new year and a cheerful new year wishes.

Whether WhatsApp messages, SMS, snapchat photos, news on the Kik Messenger, a safe and secure message via threema or another message programs,there are several ways a last greeting from 2016 or even a New Year’s greeting 2016 to deliver.

To wish a contented 2016 is often a great gesture. And with many smileys and icons of WhatsApp and also this looks unlikely good.

However, the high variety of messages in the dark of WhatsApp new year wishes 2016 ought not can be handled is encouraged to more classic SMS. Even this gesture arrives and will with Smileys provided look very chic.


But which you now writes what?

… A WhatsApp Year award to the loved one?
… A snapchat-New Year’s photo for your best girlfriend? … A Year award toflirt? … A New year greeting on the dude? … A Happy New Year SMS to folks? … An erotic Tinder message for Silvester affair?

Rockets, sparklers, lights sea,
the old year that there’s no more.
The new year hot loud welcome,
it just has just started.
Everything can be done, a brand new start.
The new year holds a great deal of Europe.
We will send in this way,
many New Year’s greetings towards the journey.
Tap lightly on the door
and also to say: were in thoughts here.