Messages for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is celebrated throughout the world to honor the mothers, to thank them for everything they do.  A mother is a best friend we can ever make, she will always support us in our good and bad, in our good times everyone is around but in bad times we realize that only our mother is with us, it is because of her we don’t fell we are alone, So don’t you think that on this mother’s day we should do something special for her and make it a memorable day for her.

You can do many things for her like, sending greeting cards, sending gifts, may be take her for lunch or dinner, spend the whole day with her. along with this you can also send her mothers day messages either on mobile or facebook or email.


Mother’s Day messages:

You are my best friend, a friend I can count on, you are always there when I need you the most, thank you mom and Happy Mother’s Day.

God cannot be present everywhere, so he gifted Mother’s.

God is Love and Mothers are the best examples of Love.

Roses are red, leaves are green, you are my mother and I love you the most.

Mother stands for my only trusted, happy, eternal reward. Happy Mother’s Day


You are the shining star for me,  you are the twinkling star for me, You are the wonderful gift from God to  happy mothers day poems Happy Mother’s Day.

If you would have not been my mother, then I feel I would have not understood the ream meaning of love and sacrifice.

Mothers are the best teachers in the world, who teach you to be a good human.

A mother can take place of anyone in the world, but no one else can take a mother’s place. Happy mother’s Day.

These are the few Messages you can use to send a text message or a message on whats app, to wish your mother Happy Mother’s Day.



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