Provident fund interest rate year wise

EPF rate of interest is nothing but the rate paid inside the amount invested through the employee and employer. This is a one sort of pension scheme launched for that employee of India. PF is in fact called and EPF (employee provident fund) in India. This is one kind of contribution of employer and employer to motivate the savings of amount. Employee cut some level of income to PF account to the betterment of retirement days. Employee gets 12% rate on the invested amount when she or he gets retired. In some cases people also can EPF online payment if you do period of time. But the reason must be valid and person needs to submit hidden document to say the PF amount. Many companies have medical and life insurance coverage premium additionally.

Epf online payment

Contribution of EPF Interest Rate
12% of EPF monthly interest is divided into two parts.
1st part is divided in 3.67% contributed into provident fund
2nd component of 8.33% is divided into employee pension scheme.
What include the benefits of EPF interest Rate
Employee earn 15,000 monthly is liable to chop the PF. PF scheme is nice in many reasons.

1. PF amount is belonging to the 80 C section thereby user can gain the tax advantages of this scheme.
2. There are multitudes of retirement benefits open to pass the strain free life of retirement.
3. There is certainly one good benefit of PF withdrawal facility. If anyone needs profit urgent you can withdraw PF amount after 5 years of PF savings
4. No matter should you gets transferred in other city the PF account will stay the same.,
5. If you alter the job it’s possible to transfer PF account to an alternative company.

Person must paid PF amount continuously for 9.6 years. 58 years age could be the retirement age for all your employees and employee can get the great things about NPS scheme following this age. This is really this type of nice investment scheme for your person to shell out the healthy and tension free retirement life.

Special Diwali 2017 Wishes For Friends

Here we have brought here for you the special wishes of Diwali 2017 for your friends and buddies. you can easily carry forward all these wishes to your friends and relatives via this. Diwali is the joyous occasion celebrated by Hindu people all over the world. They wish each other fathers day quotes in this special fest. For this reason we have send you here the special Diwali wishes to send them good wishes. Please look down for more.


Special Diwali SMS 2017
Wishing you and your family
A very bombastic diwali
May you get loads of fun
Loads of happiness
This diwali 2017
Wish you a very jolly Diwali 2017

Sun glows till the day
Candle just for one hour
Matchstick for one second
But my wishes will glow for forever

Maa laxmi is come to delight this diwali
Wore a million stars to illuminate our life
Sun and moon are here allies
To destroy the evils of our path
And to brong happiness and peace to us
Lets celebrate together this special fest of Diwali 2017

I wish
Good luck
Lord Ganesha bless you this Diwali
And throughout the year
Wishing you a very gigantic diwali this year

Fill the clay diyas with the oil of love
Light it with the honesty and knowledge
Remove the darkness of unhappiness around you
Just your one lamp can illuminate other lamps
Let each and every delighted with the same feelings
Have a brightest diwali 2017
Have a

d- Divine
I- inspirational
A- Awesome
I- Interesting


May this light of diwali
Shine all your good deeds
Remove all the darkness of bad past
Enjoy this auspicious Diwali 2017

These are the wonderful click here collections of Diwali 2017 Special wishes. You can now spread all your feelings towards your friends via social networking sites with this. Come lets celebrate this joyous occasion with more fun and more excitement with this. Wish you a very Happy Diwali 2017.

used car in mumbai

How Can You Buy Cheap Cars in India

Getting a car has become a necessity today for an almost maximum of families in India. But not for all families it is possible to get a luxury car or even a mid-range car. This is the reason people search for options through which they can get a car at many low prices.

used car in mumbai

Not just the price factor, but apart from this, there are other reasons too why many of the people search for the cheap deals to buy a car. Now the point is that from where you buy used cheap cars in Mumbai. The answer says that there are many.

Buy During Festive Season
One of the best tricks that one can play in buying cheap cars is to buy during the festive seasons. In India festivals like Diwali, Dussehra, Eid or Christmas are some of the prominent festivals when you can expect the dealers to provide discounts and deals on the car prices. Either you can get a great percentage of discounts, or even you can have deals such as exchange offers and others through which you can get your dream car at much lower prices.

Buy From Factory Outlets
If you cannot wait for the festival seasons to get a discount on the car prices, you can go for the factory outlets that are known to provide discounts all the year round. But of course trusting upon any of the factory outlets can be disastrous. So, check out at least 3-4 such outlets and see for these features:

• Reputation of the outlet regarding number of years they are into business,
• Number of brands they deal with,
• Warranty cards and other documents that they offer,
• The customer cares that the outlet brand provides.
If you are sure that the outlet is fulfilling all the above points, then you can surely go ahead to purchase your car from that particular outlet.

Look For Installment Mode
Another great way to buy your dream car at low prices is to buy it is installments. Not all places may offer you the payment mode of installment, so check in advance about the option. Even when the place has offered you the option of installment, check what the interest that they will be charging is. There are many such financial institutes that offer you to buy the car in installments with any interest. Check whether the outlet offers you such mode or not.

Buying Second-Hand Car
This can be the best option if you are not in a mood to buy a new car rigidly. There are some places and dealers who deal with certified used car. These cars are old in usage but also well verified by technicians, and so there are no such damages in them. As these are old cars, so it is sure that you can get them at a much lower prices.

In fact, many of the people are more into buying the second-hand cars for a number of advantages that they get over the new cars. The cars are well tested and hence you are sure that it is going to provide you a good service. Over such old cars, you get extended warranty the way you get warranty in case of the new car.

Many people still think that getting a car is not their cup of tea. But in fact with so many options available today, you can easily get a car at a much lower price. The only thing needs to be done is to search out and get through the best place from where you can get a car at not only affordable but cheaper price.


What Are the Benefits of Boric Acid Uses

Boric Acid contains sodium borate salt used as a best pesticide. Boric Acid combines boron with other elements. Its toxicity is depends on the amount of boron. It is used to control various types of pests. It is a weak Lewis acid of boron. Boric acid is form with mixing of borox, oxygen and hydrogen. Boric acid is a colorless crystal that used in powder form. This a type of natural chemical less toxic also used as a housecleaning agent. But it can irritate skin and eyes contacting with boric acid. So be careful using this. Boric acid is used in many ways; here we will talk in brief about the various benefits of Boric acid uses.

Boric Acid

Medicinal Benefits
It is best used as an antiseptic to heal the wounds and injuries. When diluted in water, it is used to repair the wounds and heal the skin. It works as a best antiseptic agent which acts faster. It is also used to treat bacterial vaginosis, acne treatment, and prevention of athlete’s foot by sprinkling powder in socks. It is used to treat ear infection like otitis externa. Boric acid with water and little bit of Epsom’s salt is the best treatment to cure tyes and other eye infections.

Used as a Best Pesticide
For the household ants and bugs this acid is a boon. It can kill ants and bugs when boric acid is mixed in food and placed in the corner. It is a best pesticide to kill household bugs, cockroaches and other insects. The most common practice to kill the roaches is mix the boric acid with bacon grease, because roaches attracts faster attracts to this.

It is best used in to treat and prevent wood attacked through fungal and insect attack. Boric acid is injected in the wood and thus it preserves the wood dusting from insects. Naturally it is also used to prevent boron deficiency in plants.

So these are the usages of Boric acid used as a best antiseptic, antifungal, antiseptic agent for household. It is a most common substance used to neutralize active hydrofluoric acid treatment.

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Online Free Tango for Personal Computer

When that you are thinking for better video calling, you will need to download Tango app. Tango is amongst the latest android apps introduced looking for free video calling, chatting, messaging and sharing pictures. Like all social media sites, snap chat, kik messenger, soma messenger, best kodi app this is installed right from Google. Desktop users should be looking to install Tango for PC process. There is no direct link is established till now to download Tango in laptop and hd of PC. But still desktop users can begin to play free video contacting big HD screens with simple tweaks. Here we are planning to demonstrate you the simple tricks which can help you in forwarding this android app within your personal computer. The downloading process will be as under; please adhere to the step by step process.
tango for pc

How to Download Tango for PC
You can reach Tango in PC through bluestacks. Bluestacks is surely an android transmits all android applications as part of your desktops and laptops at no cost. There is no extra expense or hidden charge is enabled to download miracle traffic bot. So let’s get over it to the further process.
• Install bluestacks as part of your PC through Google Play Store.
• Now open bluestacks home page with your personal computer.
• Now search “Tango” within the search engine and simply click search play for Tango.
• Once you’re done, select install tab.
• installation commences, await some time,
• Once installation is complete, please reference bluestacks website of All Apps.
• Now visit the terraria apk app for pc and make preparations to enjoy free video calling from now.
If you never know about how tango is effective app and what are the key popular features of Tango are, please look into here under.

Tango Features
• Gives you freedom to perform unlimited video calling and chatting.
• You can send single message to group at one time.
• You can send single message to crowd at one time.
• While making calls you may send personalize profile with photo.
• Free Tango stickers open to share emotions faster.
• User friendly interfaces resumes faster.

Hosting Ideas Which Will Inspire You

Any time you create a website, you will need to locate a company to host it. You must do some study on the topic to make the best decision possible when you are unfamiliar with web hosting yet. We’ve included the ideal ideas here for your perusal.

Arvix hosting site

You ought to make time to scour as many reviews of potential web hosts as you can. Your chances for creating an oversight are far greater in the event you depend on the advice of only a few people. Perhaps those have limited knowledge of websites and hosting or they have some sort of affiliation together with the bluehost coupon codes service they may be recommending.
Make use of a separate company for domain registration instead of registering it via your web hosting company. If you choose to switch website hosting companies at all, in this way, you can expect to retain control over the domain name. This leaves you without any domain control, only your host could have it.

Make a list of the things you are looking for before beginning shopping around to your hosting company. List the things you desire and what you absolutely must have. Pick which hosting company matches the majority of these traits. Using a list like this will help to you avoid bad decisions just based on one factor, like price, and instead find what exactly you need at a good deal.

When picking an online host, use monthly installments as an alternative to lump-time payments. The reality is that even supposedly reliable hosts could be ill-designed for your requirements at a later time. It is advisable to prevent the headache by ensuring you may cancel whenever you want. The grade of the hosting service could decline or perhaps your site could expand a great deal that you need to move it to a different server. Unless your inmotion hosting coupon offers a refund should you not complete your year-long agreement, go along with a monthly subscription.

Looking for a web host is actually just like searching around for whatever else. You need to identify what services you require and what price you can pay for. Reading these ideas, you could possibly accomplish that.

Download BBM for Desktop Computer

If you need to download BBM for PC, you could have come to the actual place. Here we are going to share along the complete information about how to own BBM for PC. In the internet messaging platform, BBM is certainly one important social messaging app used globally for sharing pictures, messages to far living friends. BBM is truly a Blackberry Messenger. This app was initially launched for your Blackberry phone users only. But down the line it was launched for the Smartphone and iOS users worldwide. This is totally free top photo grid collage maker app to setup from Google play store. But still PC users are unable to download this app of their Windows computer straight from Google. We have shortlisted the wonderful guidelines of how to convert BBM as part of your personal computer. Please take a glance here under. Before moving towards the tutorials we will show you the sort features of BBM.

BBM Feature

BBM Features
• It makes communication faster.
• This app works smoother and faster in every other operating device.
• Absolutely free app just you would like an active connection to the internet.
• Share unlimited messages, pictures, and videos to friends worldwide.

How to Install BBM for PC
BBM for PC installation can be quite easy. For this you could have to download bluestacks app player. This is the only mediator which assists android apps to own in PC smoothly. You can transform any sort of android apps and games through miracle traffic bot. So first let’s start our procedure with installing bluestacks.

Open Google play store and look for Bluestacks App Player.
Now download bluestacks inside your computer.
Now open bluestacks inside your windows Mac.
Once you open you may need to keep to the same steps.
Just glance at the search column located on the left side with the page.
Type BBM as column and quickly move on for the install tab.
Install tab can be found just down side in the page.
Once you provide command to fit, your app will begin downloading.
Wait for a long time; it will require some time to download.
As soon the way it completed, resume home screen of bluestacks.
Now click the freedom app.

This is the place you can install this app with your laptop, windows 7, 8, 10. This consumes small amount of time and works faster, if you could have good web connection speed.

Top Tips for the Better Knowledge about Video Gaming

Exciting games are something that is enjoyed by everyone. People all over the world enjoy playing games on their own computers, mobile devices and televisions. If you want to be one, read on for many great gaming tips.

Make use of subtitles. Should you can’t hear the dialogue as a result of music or gunfire, you want to do something about it. A subtitle option might be implemented for your benefit. Many games provide an options menu which lets you change the audio settings. Here is the part of the menu where you will discover the subtitle controls.

Make sure the ESRB video rating to make certain that the game is appropriate to the recipient’s age level when the game you will be buying is meant to be considered a gift. Once they include violence, this rating indicates the correct age levels for games and tells you. That ought to assist you to evaluate if this game suits your kids.

Consider using a demo before getting a game. Previews such as these are really good at helping you want to buy the full package. But be sure when utilizing these tips that you will be careful. You need to only clash royale apk from the trusted site for games.

best video game

Be sure that you have set it to “warm and friendly” options, before allowing your kids try using a games console online. This enables you to filter what your son or daughter experiences to be sure it’s right for what their age is. In addition, you are able to set limits on talk to limit their contact with other individuals.

Increase the brightness of the screen. If the game has dark areas like caverns or abandoned buildings, this is particularly important. When you play in the dark, it will be hard to spot enemies or find some useful clues. In the event you aren’t concerned with the perfect gaming conditions, then elevate the brightness level to the game. Before they find you, colours will likely be sharper and you may view the bad guys.

Make sure you disable them before they can play when you’re young child is used telegram for PC app for title with chat features. Children younger than ten don’t need to chat. If games will not permit chat functions to become disabled, they should not be purchased in any way. Search online to learn more or talk to those inside the store in the event you can’t figure it all out.

There appears to be no end towards the demand for video games. The number will almost certainly just keep growing, so participate in the fun! You may choose whatever game you need to play and get a fun time playing it, so use what you’ve read with this article, and jump into video gaming today!

Easy Tips For Solve Laptop Problem

Technological advances from the computer industry make it challenging to pick which features are essential and the ones that will probably be obsolete. You must go forward with proper information. These pointers have information that can help you.
Check out the new convertible laptops in the event you yearn for both an extender and a laptop. You might have the advantages of both a tablet plus a laptop.

Set a financial budget before heading shopping. Keeping your financial budget in your mind, you want to find the best combination of accessories and power to suit your needs. Would you like a PC or perhaps a Mac? Macs provide you with the latest in graphics technology causing them to be perfect for many who function in a graphics rich environment.


Look into online feedback and reviews before choosing your laptop. You will probably find out it’s not quite a lot. Other consumers can provide useful information.

Try purchasing the laptop online. In many instances, you may get a better deal online than you can in the store. Sometimes, there are also coupons to save you more money. It is actually possible to save plenty of cash by getting online, so tend not to overlook this alternative.
Ensure your laptop includes a quality audio system. Some lesser laptops possess a low volume. A poor speakers causes it to become hard to hear an internet based video or DVD. Be certain to take a look at the audio system ahead of buying a computer.

Prior to an authentic purchase, experiment with any laptop. Lots of people don’t take into consideration stuff like ergonomics when they attempt to purchase a newer laptop because they’re paying attention to battery memory and life. You must be comfortable with the new laptop, plus it should never affect your well being.

When searching for laptops, give both Windows and Mac versions a peek. Windows is often cheaper however, many people like Mac best. Experiment with both in your local electronics store. If people have written reviews concerning the one you prefer the most, then get online and see.
Create a list of what exactly you need a laptop for. For instance, will it accompany you into the kitchen in order to view recipes? If you are planning to get working with it in your kitchen or bath, consider getting a waterproof skin. Take advantage of the list to learn the characteristics which can be central to the group.
The LCD display is exactly what drains battery more than anything. Lower the brightness level only possible to help make your battery stay longer. Whenever you dim the display, battery will live longer.

Be smart about your laptop purchase. Visit stores which are physical to see what sorts of laptops they already have available for purchase. Tinker around together till you uncover the one you want. You can search online if you locate one you prefer.

Easy Installation Guide for Candy Crush in PC

If you want the way of tips on how to download Candy Crush game in PC, you’ve come to the absolute right place. We have brought you the smaller guidelines that are useful in installing this android game as part of your personal computer. Candy Crush game is definitely an popular game around the globe. It is available liberal to play in Smartphone and android devices. But for those that don’t posses Smartphone may use these steps to learn this game into their computer screens. If you seeking best hacking game then install SB game hacker free download on the Google play store. Before we proceed to the Candy Crush for PC installation process, we will show you the important thing characteristics of Candy Crush game.

Key Characteristics of Candy Crush
• more than 400 levels to cross
• It is considered the most played puzzle game accessible to download free of Google play store.
• The most entertaining puzzle game created to entertain the sport lovers.
• Multiples of boosters, striped candies offered to help and reach for the next level.
• Paid version accessible to open the locked game.
• User friendly game loved by all age people.

How to Install Candy Crush for PC
You have to be thinking that what it is possible that with no installation charges mafia wars can be downloaded in PC? Yes, this is. You can now download Android photo editing apps through installing bluestacks. Bluestacks is undoubtedly an android emulator which is unengaged to download from net. Download this software within your computer and you may easily sink android games and apps with your pc. How? Please take into consideration below mentioned guidelines.

First install bluestacks from
Now open this software with your windows computer.
Now quickly see on the upper left side.
Search bar can be found, type Candy Crush within the search box.
Now decrease and click on install button.
Your game is currently downloading; wait some time, till it gets finished.

Now get back to bluestacks home screen, find game name and click on it.
Your game is installed as part of your computer. Now you are unengaged to download best photo college app maker free in the play store anytime. It is simple and fast guidelines we have meant to smooth your installation process. Hope you as if it.