Every Employee Should Know About EPF

The EPF is employees provident fund scheme and also the most common type of saving and investment among salaried people. A small percentage of salary is deducted on a monthly basis and purchased the EPF account. The same amount is contributed inside the every PF account because of the employer on monthly basis. If you’re an associate EPFO, you need to understand certain most elementary facts of EPF. The funds under EPF scheme are solely maintained from the EPFO. EPFO has produced regional offices out of all states. It works beneath the control in the Ministry of Labour & Employment.

Knowing EPF, its mortgage rates, benefits and rules is quite significant. EPF account now offers many benefits like loan for specific reason, regular funding for investments like LIC, and tax exemptions.


Know the Benefits of your EPF Account
Here will be the most important points every EPF member ought to know:
1. Nomination – You can nominate somebody for the number of PF that you are contributing monthly. The nominee mentioned inside PF account is paid the amount following your deceased person. The Form 2 is required to be filled up and listed in the EPFO to nominate anyone.

2. If EPF amount is dedicated to equities, it might give good rate of returns. EPFO has begun investment inside equities too. The government has now given approval to five to 15% in the EPF added up to be bought the stock market.

3. The employee pension scheme or national pension scheme account has 8.33% from the employer’s contribution. Or maximum Rs. 1250 from your employer’s contribution travels to the pension scheme. You should transfer your EPF if you change job for being eligible with the pension.


4. If your basic pay is a lot more than Rs. 15,000 then you can certainly voluntarily opt outside of becoming EPF member. But if that you are already an EPFO claim status, you are unable to opt out.

5. RTI – you could have right to file an RTI if you’re unable to know any detail about your EPF account.

Now, the EPFO portal is providing online facility of checking PF balance amount and EPF claim status. Follow us to learn more and updates on employee’s provident fund.

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