Copa America Football Tournament

Copa America football tournament is a four yearly soccer championship organized by the South America football Association among the member nations and the two invited countries. The soccer game is the most popular game of the world and Copa America holds the credit of being one of the oldest organized games of the world. Watch Copa America 2016 Schedule live on your home TV and laptop. The championship will be very soon completing a 100 years of its inception which is to be celebrated by organization of a special tournament called centennial Copa America. It will include participation of South America as well as North American nations and the same event will be held at USA.

The 2016 Copa America is the 44th season of this tournament. The previous tournament was held in Argentina while the coming one in 2019 will be hosted by Brazil.


Inception of Copa America 2016

The first football tournament of Copa America Championship was played way back in 1916 in Argentina which was played among only Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile. The first ever game of this tournament was won by Uruguay beating off Argentina at the last game. Check out copa america 2016 score on official website. The football rivalry was born from the very first game between the two nations and it’s still going strong and attracting football fans all over the world.

The first ever played tournament of Copa America also placed African players for the first time in an international tournament. Though the first game of Copa America was sensational, Copa America was then regularly organized at some specific intervals and finally grew into a fully fledged regular tournament of South American nations. The member nations are now up to ten. The popularity of the Copa America has gradually extended out of the boundaries of its continent. The top teams of South America like Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay are also participating FIFA world cup tournaments.

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