Copa America 2016 Football Tournament

Copa America founded in 1916 in South America 99 years ago. There are twelve teams in the championship. Uruguay has current championship title and it is most successful team too. Uruguay team won second title in 1917. Those matches were played among Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil. Later on it was called as Copa America. Earlier, the tournament was known as South America Championship of football. Now, it is called as Copa America. Copa america 2016 score is the great international football club in South America . Now we are waiting to see if Copa America proves a significant stage for players like Lionel Messi, Sanchez, Neymar and Thiago to establish themselves as a top player of the world.
Countries playing Copa America 44th edition


Below nations are playing the tournament of Copa America in year 2016:
1. Brazil
2. Colombia
3. Argentina
4. Jamaica
5. Mexico
6. Peru
7. Venezuela
8. Paraguay
9. Uruguay
10. Ecuador
11. Chile
12. Bolivia

The 10 nations are the member South American nations and rest two nations Jamaica and Mexico are the guest nations invited by Conmebol to participate in the South America soccer tournament.
Uruguay is the giant champion of the Copa America series as it has been crowned for 15 times with the title of But this time its star player Suarez is out of game being banned for 9 years and hence the best contenders of the trophy are most probably Brazil or Argentina.

Each nation will play against all its group mates making three group state matches for each nation go here more information. This initial group stage matches are called robin round phase. After the robin round phase, the winners get into the quarter finals and then semi finals.

Copa America can be watched on some channels online also like on IBN Sports. Stay with us to grab latest updates on copa America 2016.

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